Ed Easy

The product: 

This work was created as part of Hackhaton's Digital Breakthrough.

We created new onboarding software for new IT specialists for VTB. To accomplish this task, we needed to create an employee's personal account, in which we needed to reflect the daily tasks, tests, login keys and the employee's training progress, adding gamification elements to motivate the employee to accelerate learning.

Target audience:

People 20-30 year olds.

Project duration:

December 2021 (48 hours).

The problem: 

The long process of adapting new employees to project work.

The goal:

Our solution was to create a personal account of the employee, which will reflect the daily tasks of the employee, the information needed to work, as well as display the process of training.

User research: pain points

VTB representatives identified problems for employees when they were adapting:


Materials are posted on different resources.


Limited number of mentors.


No consolidated information on employee access.


Testing is not conducted in an interactive way.

Corporate culture

Low involvement of new employees in the corporate culture of the organization.

Internal product analysis

Our team conducted a survey among PSB bank employees.

Surveyed users would like to take tests and surveys in an interactive form.

Surveyed users do not know the
"PSB Heroes Rules".

Of surveyed users would like to take tests and surveys in an interactive form.


Maria is a 28-year-old customer service specialist who has just started working at Promsvyazbank. Maria needs to be trained quickly in order to start working effectively. However, Maria is experiencing difficulties because the training process is not structured. It is also important for Maria to fit in and learn more about the company's culture in order to determine the rules of interaction with colleagues.



Сhief customer service officer

“I'm really confused by so many resources I need to use.” 


  • Wants to see access information in one place.
  • Would like to enter the corporate culture.
  • Wants to take surveys interactively.


  • It's hard to immerse yourself in a new job.
  • Scattered information makes you nervous.
  • Experiencing difficulty in joining a team.


Project manager, back-end developer, front-end developer, UI/UX designer participated in the task



High-fidelity prototype

The presentation of the final prototype "ED Easy" met the needs of users with structured information and gamification of the employee implementation process

Check out a high-quality prototype:


Gamification was used to accelerate learning. As a structure of gamification, a ranking of employees who are on adaptation was defined.

Employee Rating

The rating system is formed on the basis of tests and surveys, which are provided for the period of adaptation. The place in the rating depends on the number of points earned and the time of adaptation, so a newcomer can easily break through to the top of the rating if he goes through adaptation at an accelerated pace.

"PSB Heroes Rules" in Achievements

Promsvyazbank's corporate culture highlights several qualities that it particularly values in its employees: broad-mindedness, personal responsibility, close-knit teamwork. We developed a solution, which would simultaneously tell employees about the Company's values and be a motivator. We turned each of the theses into insignia that each employee could receive. These merit badges are assigned to the employee by colleagues when they work together. This motivation system is most valuable because the employee receives praise from his or her peers.

Visual design

For this project, we used a style of neumorphism to emphasize the freshness of this solution.


The main colors of Promsvyazbank's are the accent colors of our project.

The primary colors of our project were derived from a stretch of the signature blue-purple color.



For our ED Easy app, I drew some illustrations using the colors of the project.

Ed easy

We named the project ED easy to reflect the meaning of the employee orientation program - easy education.  The logo was designed based on the PSB brandbook.



We tried to meet the identified problems of new employees by designing a personal office in which we structured daily tasks, links to resources, and documents. We also tried to create a visually attractive office, so that the employee would have a desire to work in it.

What we learned:

What we learned:We first encountered a large volume of data that needed to be structured. We became convinced that in this kind of work it is necessary to constantly test the solutions developed. We lacked unique ideas to motivate employees to learn. Next time we will try to consider more daring ideas at the brainstorming stage and test our solutions more. This was the final hackathon, with over 40 teams participating. We took 11th place.